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The rules for Cyborgs Can't Cry servers apply to all of the servers we control, and are non-negotioable. By joining our servers you agree to play by any and all rules, respect all players, and play fair. If you violate any, but not limited to, any of the following policies, you may be subject to temporary or even permenant removal from the server.

Our ban lists are global, if you are banned from one server you can not join any of our servers. In the instance you are banned, fairly or unfairly, you may post an appeal on our forums in the correct section. We are happy to have you play on our servers, so make sure you are aware of the main regulations posted below.
☣ Murder

Random DeathMatching

is when you murder another person without reason. This is not allowed, every person must have a reason to kill someone. Below are acceptable reasons to murder someone, but you must first warn a player before killing them. This means you have to give the other person a chance to retort or it counts as RDM:

  • Fighting over resource piles or dropped items
  • Raiding a base
  • Defending a friend or community
  • Someone steals from you

You may only rob a base, not a player out in the wild. Approaching a player claiming you are there to rob them is not a valid reason to kill them. If you are being pickpocked then it is fair to kill them.

Revenge Killing

is legal! You may revenge kill a player for killing a friend or community member up to 5 minutes after they are murdered, and are even allowed to go back and kill them yourself. You may not revenge kill a revenge kill.

New Life Rule

means that when you die, you may not go back to where you were if you were killed by another player. If you are RDM'd, first try to resolve the problem yourself, then if that does not work contact an admin or post a ban request on the forums.

Mounted Turrets

are a commodity that allow you to protect your base when you are not there. Mounted turrets must be welded to a sigle position and can NOT be mounted on a vehicle, or picked up with a physgun and walked around with.

☣ Basing

Base Entrances

Bases must have at least one entrance in which people can access it. Secure your base using doors and props. Bases have certain regulations which are closely monitored by our community and admins, they are:

  • You can only have a maximum of 3 doors to enter a base, this includes fading and regular doors
  • Tunnel entrances, which require you to crouch for more than 2 seconds, are not allowed
  • Gravgun props, which are unfrozen yet welded and require you to gravgun push past, are not allowed
  • It is illegal to build headglitched security which allows you to kill a person raiding, but blocks them in a no-colided prop from killing you
  • You must have a working keypad or button on both sides of every door
  • You may not have fake keypads, and working ones must be placed in sight of the door it controls and near by

Maze Bases

are bases in which the raiding person is forced to walk around obstacles that may require crouching under or jumping over. Maze bases are completely legal, but can only have a maximum or 20 jumps or crouches in total and do not break any other basing rules.

Airlock Bases

are bases in which the person raiding is required to crack or lockpick a door that closes another one behind them, and so on. These types of bases are illegal.

Resource Spawners

are tools that let you farm for resources without having to scavenge for them, such as Sonic Miners. These must be placed on the map ground, you may not place them inside a base or on the roof.

☣ Props

Prop Use

is strictly for building with. Using props for any other purpose than to base or to decorate is extremely limited. Below is a list of incredibly illegal uses for props, these will most likely get you banned on sight.

  • Spamming props to crash or minge is illegal
  • Killing using a prop is not allowed, ever
  • Using a prop to "surf" in the air is illegal
  • Using a props to climb into another person's base is illegal
  • Prop ramping, to get to places NOT in a base, or to get out of a base is allowed
  • Pushing another person or NPC with a prop is also illegal
☣ Raids

Initiating a Raid

is when you want to break into a person's base for a specific reason. In order to raid, the proper circumstances must be met, and a raid is not complete until the player leaves the area your base occupies.

  • You may not raid a player more than once every hour
  • You can not spawn props during a raid
  • You can not ramp into another person's base, but can ramp out
  • It is illegal to toggle fading doors using your keyboard during a raid, you must use a button or keypad
  • A raid is initiated when you; yell raid, place a charge, enter a territory that has keep out signs posted, are asked to leave a base, pick a lock, hack a keypad, or steal something that doesn't belong to you
☣ General

Annoying Players

some players have a habit of wanting to ruin roleplay for others, which is why we leave it to our community to deal with these people. If a player is doing one of the following, you may kill them without a roleplay reason or call an admin for help:

  • Excessive microphone spamming
  • Text-chat spamming
  • Players spawning props in your base when asked to remove them

Out Of Character

means talking to other players about content NOT related to roleplay. Any content that is discussed which pertains to roleplay, and is for the use of an advantage over other players, is considered metagaming and is not allowed.

Loss of Items

When you lose valuables on the server due to in game issues, admins are not allowed to give them back. The following is a list of occurances in which administration is not responsible for your loss:

  • Random DeathMatch
  • Raid
  • Server Crash
  • Any player death